Custom Power Distribution Assemblies

Samson is proud to be a producer of custom power distribution components for the contract furniture industry. These custom power distribution assemblies afford the largest office furniture companies in Michigan the flexibility to power their wall systems in a variety of configurations. This translates into unique design layouts for their clients resulting in greater customer satisfaction and increased market share in a fiercely competitive environment.

In yet another case, Samson converted a brake press operation to a roll form operation, helping our new customer to save 50% more on parts when switching from his former supplier. Samson’s innovative engineering approach had reduced the number of production operations in producing the customer’s complex raceway base from six to two, and on the mating raceway cover, we eliminated the secondary operation altogether, dramatically curtailing labor costs and thus reducing the cost of the raceway assembly.

We are currently working with one of the largest global suppliers of powered raceway components to add pre-painted steel raceway components to their considerable catalog.

Samson Roll Formed Products